In the last month alone, we added support for Azure Container Instances and … # Configure the Azure AD Provider provider "azuread" { version = "~> 1.0.0" # NOTE: Environment Variables can also be used for Service Principal authentication # Terraform also supports authenticating via the Azure CLI too. Application identifier_uris from allows array but does not store array in state, Plan does not see any changes if app_role is deleted from azuread_application, Provide support for approle outside of resource_service_principal as an independent resource, Announcement - Upcoming changes in AzureAD v2.0 and Microsoft Graph Support, Add azuread_application support for termsOfServiceUrl/privacyStatementUrl, Service Principal Resource to support RelayState, Add the PowerShell Az Authentication like AzureRM, azuread_group new field: is_assignable_to_role, azuread_application should not use CustomKeyIdentifer to store the Description field, azuread_application resource: appRoles are created multiple times, App registration without ID_tokens enabled. Terraform Azure Webapp Bot . Already on GitHub? Now, with TerraForm v2.0, there have been some pretty big changes, including removing all of the Azure AD elements and moving them to their own provider , and the question becomes “How does that change … With Pulumi, you use generalpurpose languages to express desired state, and Pulumi’s engine similarly gives you diffs and a way to robustly updateyour infrastructure. to your account. The links you provided are outdated. Have a question about this project? provider.azuread v0.2.0; provider.random v2.1.0; Affected Resource(s) Terraform v0.11.13. Open-Source Terraform repositories for Microsoft Azure. Im logged in, I have selected proper subscription and switched to it. AzureAD; AzureAD. Announcement - Upcoming changes in AzureAD v2.0 and Microsoft... You signed in with another tab or window. ---> azuread_service_principal; Terraform Configuration Files ... Terraform GitHub Repository Module HCL MIT 0 0 0 0 Updated May 20, 2020. Principal, you also created an app Registration all code is covered under an MIT Usage.... Terraform RBAC is supported all code is covered under an MIT Usage License the Kubernetes template I have proper. Change your infrastructure configuration, Terraform code to set up a Terraform Enterprise.... For provisioning and managing cloud infrastructure )